Lucia Alvarez, DVM, DACVIM

Bridging Expertise and Compassion. Board Certified in Veterinary Internal Medicine

Lucia Alvarez, DVM, DACVIM, veterinary Internist

Dr. Lucia Alvarez, DVM, DACVIM, is a distinguished veterinarian with a passion for internal medicine. Her veterinary journey has taken her across continents, shaping her into a compassionate healer and a respected educator.


Originally from South America, Dr. Alvarez’s love for animals started within her family who were devoted to their pets and continued during her upbringing in the heart of Alabama. She started her academic journey at Princeton University, where she earned her undergraduate degree.


Returning to her Alabama roots, Dr. Alvarez embarked on her next adventure—the pursuit of her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She excelled at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating summa cum laude in 2006. Her education at Auburn sparked a commitment to pursue specialization in internal medicine. She completed the first step in advanced training during her rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Veterinary Specialists of South Florida. This experience honed her clinical skills and deepened her understanding of complex cases, preparing her for residency in small animal internal medicine at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.


Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist

In 2010, Dr. Alvarez achieved her board certification as a specialist in veterinary internal medicine. Armed with this distinction, she joined the ranks of busy multi-specialty animal hospitals, where her meticulous approach and commitment to staying abreast of advancements in internal medicine set her apart. Dr. Alvarez’s diagnostic acumen and empathetic patient care have made her a trusted figure in the veterinary community.


Dr. Alvarez’s curiosity extends to cutting-edge techniques. She has a special interest in minimally invasive diagnostic laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. She enjoys formulating practical as well as comprehensive internal medicine diagnostic plans and is proficient in abdominal ultrasound. Her patients benefit from the fusion of innovation and compassion—a hallmark of her practice.


Beyond clinical practice, Dr. Alvarez is a passionate educator. She has graced podiums as a speaker in continuing education courses, sharing her insights with fellow veterinarians. Whether in the United States or abroad, her ability to simplify complex concepts and inspire others is exceptional.


Dr. Alvarez thrives on collaboration. She works closely with primary care veterinarians, ensuring seamless transitions for clients and their beloved pets. Her bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish fosters connections with diverse clientele.


Dr. Lucia Alvarez exemplifies the intersection of expertise, compassion, and dedication in the field of veterinary internal medicine. Her journey—from South America to Alabama, from veterinary student to board certification—reflects a lifelong commitment to healing and improving the lives of animals. Dr. Alvarez is excited to join the amazing veterinary team at Boca Veterinary Clinic.

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